Produced in the USA, Zimmer is considered one of the most effective dental implants with the highest success rate compared to other implant systems.

In addition to the high functionality, Zimmer dental implant also has a special aesthetic due to the conical connection and the internal hex.

The best proof of the perfection of the system is the 20-year duration without modification, due to the very high success rate and the surface of the implant, blasted with hydroxyapatite particles, the main component of the tooth enamel structure, which helps the implant’s osseointegration.

Compatibility with human tissue is given primarily by the composition of the implant made of a tantalum alloy, an element 100% biocompatible with human tissues, intended for the aerospace industry due to the extremely high resistance to different external factors, and titanium of the highest purity [grade 5].

Due to the very good implant-prosthetic connection, the Zimmer system does not allow bacterial infiltration, the main enemy of peri-implantitis. In addition, bone resorption is extremely reduced over time, due to the double connection: conical and internal hex. In just 10 weeks, osteointegration is achieved, record time compared to other implant systems